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Windows 10 Tutorial: Disable Downloads Over Metered Connections

This Windows 10 tutorial shows you how you can disable downloads over metered connection, so that drivers, updates and applications are not downloaded on your device. Keep this option off is important if you have limited data

How To Rename Your PC In Windows 10

Personally, you can call your PC anything you want. But in Windows 10, it has to go by with a unique name so that it can be identified and communicate with other devices in a network. Having

How To Reset Network Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a feature that lets you view network data usage, itemized as type of network, and even by the amount of data each app or service uses across the operating system. This information is tallied

How To Find The IP Address Of Your Router In Windows 10

Need to change your router settings? You will need to know the IP address of your router to make any modifications. And if you don’t remember it, Windows can help you find it. This is how you

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Wi-Fi connectivity problem and fix

So I’m still slogging my Microsoft Surface Pro around seeing how it works (or doesn’t) for my lifestyle. I just encountered my first Surface Pro 2 wi-fi connectivity problem. I’m at Starbucks and was trying to connect

Microsoft Surface tablets won’t have a mobile network connection?

Bad news. Unnamed sources have revealed that the Surface tablet will initially be Wi-fi only and they won’t posses a mobile network connection, as reported by Bloomberg. This is a disastrous decision from Microsoft as they are yet to

Windows 8 will support IPv6

Microsoft will be a mjor force behind a big push from IPv4 support to IPv6. This from a post on the Windows 8 Development Blog. A quote: “Windows 8 is connected and ready to use, and our

Microsoft removes the ability to join a domain from the Windows 8 core version

In what seems like a radical but somewhat logical move, it is increasingly looking like Microsoft is talking away the ability to join a Windows domain from the core or baseline versions of Windows 8. This is a pretty

Metro processing seems to be a little slow in Windows 8

I have an ExoPC slate device which seems a little slow when running Windows 8. That ironically has turned out to be a blessing. You see, when your hardware is slow, you sometimes get to see the way

Windows to Go in Windows 8 – a big deal for businesses

A very cool enterprise feature has been revealed in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business. Windows To Go. Quote: Windows To Go enables alternative workplace scenarios. Offsite temporary workers can be given a Windows