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Sweetlabs is about to revolutionize your new device app experience

It’s no secret to anyone who has read this blog for any time at all that I am a fan of Sweetlabs. The company has shown an almost uncanny ability to read future trends and adapt appropriately.

Microsoft’s website gets a new look

Well, Microsoft has been giving a new look to all its products and services. From Windows Phone to Windows 8, from Bing to Xbox 360, and from Hotmail to SkyDrive, Microsoft had been incorporating its Metro style design into everything they

Is this the new Windows 8 logo?

This is an image on the web that is being touted as the new logo for Microsoft’s upcoming release – Windows 8. I may be wrong but I think this is a fake. I would expect the

New Windows 8 theme – Windows 8 Skin pack for Windows 7

Deviant Art user “hameddanger” has created a cool Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows 7 users. This Windows 8 theme pack changes / adds lots of things in Windows 7: Windows theme User picture tile Aero auto-colorization

Windows 8 new keyboard – from Winrumors

Thanks to WinRumors reader David for the following video It seem that the latest leaked build of Windows 8, version 7989, contains an improved version of the keyboard which Microsoft has demonstrated recently. The keyboard includes touch friendly buttons

New Windows 8 wallpaper for June 2011

Of course there are a lot of Windows 8 wallpapers out there. Here are some more Windows 8 wallpapers that you may not have seen. You can click on them to expand…

New Windows 8 Wallpapers for Sunday…

Happy Sunday! About to start a brand new week so i thought I would put up some Windows 8 wallpapers I found randomly on the internet. Pretty cool stuff.  

Even more Windows 8 screenshots

These new beautiful screenshots show that the traditional Aero Wizards used in previous post-Windows installation procedures may not apply this time around. Instead, a Windows Media Center-like approach has been used. Check them out.. Source:

New Cloud Features in Windows 8?

Seems like there might be more cloud computing features coming out in Windows 8. The latest rumors from Windows 8 Italia..   Setting Synchronization: Synchronization of users’ settings across their computers and devices with Windows Live ID. Streaming Manager:

New Windows 8 images from the web

Of course, since the beta leaked, the photos of the beta were bound to follow. From the Internet, here are some pics of the m1 Beta of Windows 8. They seem pretty basic to me but I