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Windows Phone 8 Store getting new features, including new "collections"

Windows Phone 8 is almost here in the United States, and with that in mind Microsoft has taken to its Windows Phone blog to announce…


What’s New in Windows 8?

I thought I might share a great infographic with you about the new features in Windows 8.  This comes from the excellent website, Enjoy!


Microsoft reveal new file management features in Windows 8

Ok now , it’s starting to get cool. In a brand new blog post on their Windows blog, they have revealed some pretty coool…


Hopefully! New Windows 8 Feature – Multi-Monitor Taskbar

Sandro Villinger from ITworld has hunted down a few new Windows 8 features. The third is a Multi Monitor Taskbar. This has been the source of many…


Windows 8 Biometrics

There are a host of new features that will be introduced in Windows 8. This post will talk about Windows 8 Biometrics Biometrics offer users an easy…