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Surface Pro Launch In NYC Cancelled

Bummer! It was supposed to be low-key, but now it is no-key. All thanks to the severe weather. Yes, I am talking about the modest Surface Pro launch event Microsoft had planned in New York City. Microsoft

Low Key Surface Pro Launch Event Planned In NYC

The launch gala for Surface RT (and Windows 8) was one of the more elaborate events Microsoft put up in recent times. Now another midnight event is planned ahead of the release of Surface Pro. Only this

Microsoft Shuts Down Its Times Square Store In New York City

Microsoft launched its colossal store in Times Square on October 25 last year to massive crowd. The store was positioned as the keystone location for the company’s launch of Windows 8, Windows RT and Surface line of

Microsoft and Boingo are offering free Windows 8 promotional Wi-fi to NYC and SF

As part of Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch media blitz, Microsoft is pairing up with Boingo to deliver complimentary wireless networking in New York City and San Francisco. The free Wi-Fi is available at six subway stations in