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Windows Phone 8 NFC will play nicely with Android NFC– for the most part

For some consumers, there is nothing better that unity of platforms. Having all iOS devices, all Windows devices or Android devices is the best route…


New video showing in-depth features of the Nokia Lumia 920

A new video from shows Lumia 920 in LOTS of detail. Now even though the video is all in French, it shows off a lot…


Microsoft offers correction – Windows Phone devices do NOT offer NFC

So in a previous post, we had reported that a Microsoft official had said the current series of Windows Phones currently had NFC enabled. Will…


Windows Phone supports Near Field Communication – NFC

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Phone 7.5 platform already supports Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Apparently even though the technology is present in the phones,…


Zune "Squirt" Feature Returning As Beaming?

Microsoft’s Zune never picked up quite like the iPod did, and while it still exists it is never at the head of its market by…