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Microsoft To Release Two 3D Touch Windows Phones This Year

Say what you may, but the difference between the midrange and high end Windows Phones usually comes down to a few extra megapixels, and few extra inches. There just are not that many differentiating factors between the

3D Touch Is Microsoft’s Vision To Bring Kinect Like Technology To Mobile

Microsoft is supposed to be working on an innovative new 3D Touch technology to mobile devices, and we recently heard that the company’s next flagship smartphone is set to be equipped with it. Nokia McLaren is the

Nokia McLaren Reportedly Comes With Quad HD Display, Snapdragon 805

With most smartphone vendors, including Samsung, HT and LG, having unveiled their flagship handsets for the year, all eyes are on what Apple and Microsoft will bring to the table. And although there are plenty of unofficial

Microsoft To Launch Nokia McLaren With 3D Touch Technology In November

The brand McLaren might be all about fast exotic cars, but this new rumor has Microsoft using this codename for an innovative new smartphone that makes use of 3D Touch technology. And it is said to be