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Week In Review

Week In Review (Jul 14 – Jul 18)

No prizes at all for guessing what the top story for the week is, none whatsoever. CEO Satya Nadella jolted the technology world by announcing…


Nokia X Line Discontinued, To Be Replaced By Windows Phone

End of the line, shorty? The great Android experiment is coming to an end, as Microsoft have announced that they will be ending the Nokia…


Gameloft Offers Free Games For Nokia X, Nokia X+ And Nokia XL

Gameloft might not produce the most original mobile games, but the company sure does now how to market and promote them. It already enjoys a…


Nokia X2 Platform 2.0 Will Not Be Available For Original Handsets

The Windows Phone 7 story all over? Afraid so. Soon after the official unveil of the new Nokia X2 smartphone, Microsoft share some details about…


Nokia X2 Teaser Suggests It Could Be Unveiled On June 24

There are strategies and there are stratagems. While we have no certain idea of Microsoft’s approach with the Nokia branded Android handsets, it seems certain…


Microsoft going all in with Android, as Nokia XL launches in new markets

Not many would have believed this a year or so back, but Microsoft is now a certified and bona fide Android vendor. One of many,…


The Nokia X Will Not Be Available In North America

Fans of Nokia that wanted the company to launch Android smartphones finally got their wish earlier this week, when the company made the long rumored…


Microsoft Pleased That Nokia Will Offers Its Services On The Nokia X Line

So the rumors were true, after all! The last couple of months we have been bombarded with all sorts of leaks and press renders about…


Nokia’s Android Strategy Takes Shape, High End Handsets Incoming

There are many a mysteries in the technology world right now, but none as stumping as Nokia’s Android strategy. The Finnish company is ready to…