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Microsoft’s Second Favorite Browser Is Opera, It Seems

No prizes for guessing what Redmond’s favorite web browser of all time is. But the company is pretty clear what the second choice is. And no it is not Google Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft released

Microsoft Talks Design And New Features Of The Nokia X2

For a next generation device that arrived mere four months after the original, the Nokia X2 lineup sure brings a lot of refinement to the company’s series of budget Android smartphones. And Microsoft highlighted these changes in

Nokia X2 Platform 2.0 Will Not Be Available For Original Handsets

The Windows Phone 7 story all over? Afraid so. Soon after the official unveil of the new Nokia X2 smartphone, Microsoft share some details about the onboard software. And it makes for some distressing reading for owners

Here Is The Nokia X2 Software And Apps Selection

Smack on target, the Nokia X2 was officially introduced earlier today. And this newest member of the company’s Android family comes with several improvements, both on the hardware and software sides. Hardware specifications have already been covered

Nokia X2 Officially Announced, Available July For $135 Outright

Microsoft’s Android adventures continue, as the company has unveiled the next member of the X family of smartphones. The sequel to the first Android device from Nokia, the Nokia X2 arrives packing improved hardware and software capabilities.

Nokia X2 Teaser Suggests It Could Be Unveiled On June 24

There are strategies and there are stratagems. While we have no certain idea of Microsoft’s approach with the Nokia branded Android handsets, it seems certain that another one is marked for arrival. The successor to the Nokia