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Microsoft Is Working On An Interactive Reader App For Windows 8.1

There have been recent rumors that Microsoft is currently developing its own reading app for Windows, one that would allow interactive reading of books, magazines…


Windows 8.1 App Watch: Nook

The Nook app has been available for quite some time on the Windows Store, but Barnes & Noble has just given it a new polish…


Microsoft Has No Intentions To Buy Nook, After All

I love it when anonymous employees come to the rescue and quash (there’s that word again) some rumors. Not often does this happen, but it…


Microsoft Rumored To Buy Nook Media For $1 Billion

In a rumor that would surprise absolutely no one, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is said to be on a bit of a shopping spree recently….


30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 18

Remember books? I used to actually read them. Now, the only books I own that are printed on actual paper are really just decorations for…


Barnes And Noble Giving Away Free Books To Windows 8 Nook App Users


Rumor: Microsoft Looking To Buy Barnes And Noble

As rumors go, this is one the juiciest ones to come around this year. Barnes and Noble is the biggest in the books business, as…


Microsoft has fully embraced the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet

Yesterday (Monday), Microsoft teamed up bookselling giant Barnes & Noble in a joint venture. This is squarely aimed at grabbing a bigger share of the rapidly…


Nook + WoodStock + Windows + Xbox = A Potentially Awesome Tablet?

While Zune never quite managed the success of its biggest rival, the iPod, most users that actually owned one (like myself) tend to agree it…


Microsoft Invests $300 Million Into Nook

In a somewhat curious move, Microsoft is making a $300 million dollar investment into Barnes & Noble’s Nook digital-book business. This new move will give…