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Notebook Shipments Now Expected To Take Off, Thanks To Windows 8.1

Ha, who would have thought they’d be reading a headline like this! Go back six to eight months, and it seemed that every other person was blaming Windows 8 for the lackluster PC sales. Not many thought

Intel Reportedly Lending Support To Convertible Android Notebooks

The chip giant has a bit of a change of heart it seems. Up until now Intel did not think much of laptops that did not run Microsoft’s Windows operating system, but changing times call for changing

Touchscreen Notebook Shipments To Grow By 70% In This Quarter

The release of Windows 8 has dynamically altered the touchscreen computers landscape, with hardware vendors and market analysts both weighing in on the future of touch enabled PCs. It seems that every weak comes with new analysis

The Perfect Windows 8 Hardware?

What would be the perfect hardware to run Windows 8 on? That’s not an easy question. The “perfect” hardware would have to run Windows 8 seamlessly with the least possible flaws, the processor would be able to run all