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Installing Windows 8 Pro

Notebook Shipments Now Expected To Take Off, Thanks To Windows 8.1

Ha, who would have thought they’d be reading a headline like this! Go back six to eight months, and it seemed that every other person…


Intel Reportedly Lending Support To Convertible Android Notebooks

The chip giant has a bit of a change of heart it seems. Up until now Intel did not think much of laptops that did…


Touchscreen Notebook Shipments To Grow By 70% In This Quarter

The release of Windows 8 has dynamically altered the touchscreen computers landscape, with hardware vendors and market analysts both weighing in on the future of…


The Perfect Windows 8 Hardware?

What would be the perfect hardware to run Windows 8 on? That’s not an easy question. The “perfect” hardware would have to run Windows 8 seamlessly with…