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ASUS May Bring MacBook Pro Touch Bar To Windows

It was only a matter of time! Many thought Microsoft would be the first company to bring the MacBook Pro Touch Bar feature to the world of Windows, but it appears that ASUS is set to take

Huawei Unveils The MateBook X Pro Windows 10 Laptop

There’s a new Windows 10 laptop in town, and it’s going straight for the crown! Huawei has unveiled the MateBook X Pro, and it comes with nearly invisible bezels on its edge-to-edge display. That’s just up top.

Huawei Refreshes MateBook D Windows 10 Laptops

Looks like Huawei means business! A report from a fairly reliable Chinese website reveals that the company is refreshing its MateBook D lineup of Windows 10 laptops. The company had announced the original MateBook D, along with

Acer Unveils First AMD Ryzen Laptops

The dawn of a new age. Acer has become one of the first companies to offer AMD Ryzen powered laptops, with the launch of its new Swift 3 machines making use of these chips. They also come

Preinstalled Keylogger Found On Countless HP Laptops

Well, not exactly countless, but over 460 HP laptops are affected. The company is rolling out a fix for its touchpad driver, which has been found to contain a keylogger by a security expert. A situation not

NVIDIA Silently Launches Amazing New Notebook GPUs

Revolutionary? You be the judge. But NVIDIA has launched new GPUs for mobile devices like notebooks, which the company claims deliver up to 2.5 times the performance of Intel UHD 620 Graphics. And launched them quietly, with

Apple Becomes The Fourth Largest Laptop Brand

It has happened. Apple has just overtaken ASUS in global sales to become the fourth largest laptop brand in the world. All while most of the attention has been focused on the newly released iPhone X. Data

Behold The Lenovo ThinkPad 25

It’s not all that often do you get an iconic piece of hardware. Something with a history, a legacy. But the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 25 is one such creation, details of which have just leaked. This is

HP Announces Powerful New EliteBook PCs

Of the four or five big PC makers around, HP has a handy knack of announcing new PCs all year around. Sure, the company does bring new models to major events, but round the year unveils are

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Is The Newest Kid On The Block

Xiaomi sure is taking things to a whole another level! Last year the Chinese technology giant entered the premium laptop market with the Mi Notebook Air range, and today it has announced Mi Notebook Pro. These sleek