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Chrome Picks Up Native Windows 10 Notifications

At long last. Google has finally added support for native Windows 10 notifications to Chrome, with the development team rolling out this feature out to version 68 of the web browser. Which is, pretty much the most

How To Receive Notifications For USB Issues In Windows 10

USB issues are the worst! It takes an awful lot of time and trouble to correct any problems that Windows develops with USB flash drives and external storage, if at all. Luckily, the operating system now has

How To Add Or Remove Quick Actions In Action Center In Windows 10

Want to change the quick actions that show up in the Action Center in Windows 10? You can easily personalize the available ones from a dedication section in the Settings app. The actions you have depend on

Microsoft Rolls Out A Fix For Skype Notifications

Skype is more popular than ever, but a few niggles remain in the communication platform. There are certain issues with Skype notifications, for example, that have been pointed out by users. And you can now rest assured

Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center Will Display Up To 20 Notifications Per App

The world needed a nice round number like this! The Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 is arguably its most important new feature, this side of the Cortana digital voice assistant. And now some more information that

Windows 8.1 Starts Showing Notifications To Add Payment Method

Every day, countless users make the move to Windows 8.1, and considering just how prominent the Windows Store tile is on the new operating system, many take the trip to install a few essential apps on their

Inside Windows 8: PC Settings – Notifications

In Windows 8, you can configure what applications can send you notifications, where you get notified and of course, if you get notified. You can get to this from the Charms > Settings > More PC Settings

Push Notifications for Windows 8?

Windows 8 is already making the traditional desktop environment seem more like a mobile environment by basically taking the user interface from Windows Phone 7, making it bigger, and calling it Metro. Using Metro made Windows more