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Microsoft: The US Government Never Asked Us To Install Backdoors

Finally some official confirmation. Microsoft is one of the companies that has often been named to be involved in spying scandals, while company officials have outright denied any such involvements. The software titan has explained on multiple

Users Now Trust American Tech Companies Less, Says Microsoft

Redmond, along with other technology giants, has been quite vocal about user privacy. The company was found to be involved in the NSA saga, with leaked documents revealing collaboration between Microsoft and the US intelligence. And according

Microsoft Joins Campaign To Restrict Government Surveillance

Strike it while the iron is hot. In line with the popular saying, Microsoft has taken some very aggressive stances all through the year, and none more so than on the government surveillance programs. Leaked documents by

Microsoft Makes Official Security Enhancements To Block Government Spying

News floated up a week or so back that Redmond was looking at a number of security improvements and encrypt its network and Internet traffic to block any potential spying programs from either the United States or

Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Encrypt Its Internet Traffic To Block NSA Breaches

So this is how it goes. There is a clear and present suspicion that the NSA may be monitoring the global communications systems of major technology companies to collect user data. And for this reason companies like

Microsoft Takes The NSA To Court, Asks For Permission To Disclose Data

Ha, for a change, Microsoft is suing another entity! The Redmond based technology titan has been on the receiving end of several lawsuits over the past few years. But this time, it is the one taking the

What are the personal security implications of having a Kinect 2 in your home?

I so wish it wasn’t true but it is. We are at the point where we have to consider issues like entertainment and national security. Who would have ever guessed? My question today boys and girls is

Read The Technology Industry’s Letter To Obama On NSA Transparency

The technology industry has had it a bit rough when it comes to user privacy, with concerned consumers raising voices on how their data is used and tracked. Now with NSA and PRISM in the spotlight, add

Microsoft Explains Its Position On PRISM And The NSA, Calls For Transparency

Like other large technology companies, Microsoft also squarely finds itself in the spotlight as part of the PRISM scandal. Recent reports have claimed that the company provided direct access to user accounts to the NSA (National Security

NSA worked with Microsoft on Windows 7, will they work on Windows 8 as well?

Interesting article about the NSA and Windows 7. You can read it here. To excerpt.. The National Security Agency (NSA) worked with Microsoft on the development of Windows 7, an agency official acknowledged yesterday during testimony before