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iSuppli Puts Surface RT Sales At Around 750,000 Units

Market analysts at iSuppli are one of the more trusted around when it comes to statistics. And while we have had some drastically varying figures when it comes to Surface RT numbers, this new estimate might be

Apple posts FANTASTIC numbers for Q4 2012

Not slowing down apparently. So Apple just posted some really great numbers for the last quarter. The company posted a record $13.1b profit on a record $54.5b in revenue, compared to last year’s record of $13.06b profit

Windows 8 Business Appeal Said To Be A Third Of Windows 7

Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 sales number were very much in line with what its predecessor pulled off. But apparently one area where the company’s flagship OS seems to be lacking is the business

How many licenses sold would make Windows 8 a success?

Analyst: Surface Price Needs To Drop By At least $200

Microsoft Surface is yet to get any official sales numbers. Unofficial is another story altogether — with plenty of news, views, estimates, and predictions surfacing (sorry, can’t help it) almost daily. The broad consensus is that while

Analyst: Microsoft Surface Demand Is Disappointing

In fact, he went so far as to say that the sales underwhelmed expectations. That is a far cry from the impressive success the tablet saw in the first few days on the market, where the most

Windows Store App Approval Slows Down For Holidays

What, you thought Microsoft employed advanced cybernetic organisms for approving apps? In a not entirely surprising move, Microsoft announced that its approval process for new apps will be slowed down during the Christmas holidays. The members of

Windows 8 Is A Hit With Steam Users

Microsoft’s latest OS has overtaken Mac OS X at one of the most unlikely of places. It is a certified hit with Steam users, as the November survey of the gaming platform shows. The 64 bit version

Windows 8 Fails To Pop Personal Computers, Numbers Down 21%

A lot was riding on Windows 8. A lot for Microsoft as a company, and a lot for hardware makers as far as sales are concerned. Now it appears that while the OS maker is somewhat content

Nearly 30% Still Choose Windows 7 Over Windows 8

And worse yet, less than two in five computer users intend to upgrade to the new OS. In a recent survey published on Huffington Post, 27.4% still chose Windows 7 over Windows 8, despite Microsoft’s elaborate efforts