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Microsoft Creates A Form Factor Guide For Windows 8.1 Devices

Windows 8.1 should be out in the wild officially by the end of this week, and Microsoft will launch its second generation Surface tablets early next week.  But at the same time, the company expects a whole

Windows 8 OEM Prices Reportedly Set For A Slash

The lack of Windows 8 devices available in the market is often cited as one of the reasons for the slow pick up of Microsoft’s new operating system, and according to reports, Redmond is set to change

Microsoft Wants More Say Over Privatized Dell

The last week or so has been filled with rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Dell deal, with the hardware vendor reportedly planning to go private again, and Redmond showing interest in putting some money in the effort.

HP Says No Way Back to Windows 7 from Windows 8 in New PCs

Today comes a report from CIO magazine that HP is advising its customers that purchasers of new PCs will not be able to return to Windows 7 from Windows 7.  Only purchasers of Windows 8 Pro will

What the iPhone 5 means for Microsoft and partners going forward

So here we are again. We’re on the verge of the launch of a new iPhone from Apple. What more can be said about the power and influence of the iPhone. Revenue from the iPhone alone is

Outrage! – Samsung is the first OEM to make an "enhancement" to Windows 8 GUI

So I just wrote about the new All In One’s that Samsung will be rolling out soon. In doing research for that, I noticed something curious. It seems that OEM’s are now free to “help” consumers with

Microsoft physically gives OEM’s Windows 8 RTM (Photos)

Microsoft have literally started the process of handing over Windows 8 RTM to Manufacturers. In a post on their Windows 8 Facebook page, they have photos of Microsoft employees handing over the Windows 8 Master to representatives

Yes OEMs, with their Microsoft Surface tablet, Microsoft really did just go to war with you

OK, so let’s talk about the new Microsoft Surface a little more. I have spent some time thinking about this move from Microsoft and I wanted to use you guys and girls as my sounding board. For context, Microsoft

Right on cue, the Windows 8 OEM and CPU storm clouds gather

Here we go. This issue is like a 1000 pound gorilla in the corner that was always waiting for resolution. Digitimes is reporting that Notebook vendors are having some trouble meeting Windows 8 hardware requirements in a

Windows Video – Testing mobile broadband devices

Another new Microsoft video. The Windows Hardware Certification program helps to ensure the quality, compatibility, and operation of mobile broadband drivers and device firmware with Windows 8. The Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) helps to decrease connectivity