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October 2018 Update Delay Is Affecting Hardware Vendors

The deafening silence from Microsoft regarding the October 2018 Update delay may be unprecedented, but effects of the delay are also far and wide reaching. Not only are consumers affected by it, but hardware manufacturers are also

Synaptics Says HP Keylogger Is Actually A Debug Tool

Nothing to fear? HP recently came under severe fire after for allegedly bundling a keylogger onto its drivers, which would have allowed cybercriminals the ability to track every keystroke of a user. This thing blew up fast.

Microsoft Hails Creators Update As The Best Version Of Windows 10

Ever. The timing of a post like this is interesting, what with the Fall Creators Update on the horizon, but Microsoft took time out to praise the current version of the operating system. The Windows 10 Creators

Partner Site Reveals Windows 8.1 Pricing For OEMs

Although the Windows 8.1 pricing scheme is not the biggest mystery in the world, things got rather interesting when Microsoft announced at BUILD 2014 that it was making the OS free for OEMs. Certain OEMs, mind you,

Dell And HP Still Pushing Windows 7 Hardware

OEMs. Enough said. It’s been two years to the day since Windows 8 made its debut, but companies like Dell and HP are still keen to push Windows 7 machines to buyers. Laptops and desktops, both. Even

Windows 7 OEM License Sales Ending This Week

Time for Microsoft to bring its modern operating systems into the spotlight. Windows 7 OEM license sales are soon to be part of history, with the company ending sales of such installations by the end of this

Windows 7 End Of Sales Set For Next Month

The world’s most popular operating system is approaching its day of reckoning! Windows 7 end of sales date had been set for next month, and Microsoft plans to stay firm on it. What this means is that

22 New Windows Phone Devices Launched This Year

Remember the names! Alcatel, BLU, Kazam, New Generation Mobile and ZTE are but a few of the companies that launched new Windows Phone devices this year. And Microsoft is highlighting these new addition to the Windows Phone

Microsoft Wants OEMs To Bundle OneNote With Windows 8.1 Update 1

If you had second thoughts about just how important OneNote has become for Microsoft, consider this. A leaked document shows that the company encourages hardware vendors to bundle the app. With Windows 8.1 Update 1, no less.

Rumor Says Microsoft Might Cut Windows Phone Licensing Fees By 70%

So a couple of really interesting bits of speculation have floated up recently. One is that Microsoft is looking to drastically reduce the cost of OEMs to license Windows 8.1. For lower end devices, that is. But