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Botched Patch Tuesday Update Breaks Down Office 2013

Microsoft had been delivering flawless updates these past few months, and the majority of users that deployed Patch Tuesday updates did so without experiencing any issues. Sure, Windows 8.1 Update caused a few installation problems, but that

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Released

Even in this day and age there are some that prefer to wait until the first service pack is out for Microsoft products before deciding to make the plunge. This strategy is usually employed by companies and

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Slated For Launch In Early 2014

If you thought Redmond was done with the concept of service packs for its products, think again. While Windows is now almost exclusively updated via Windows Update, other Microsoft products, particularly business solutions, occasionally receive service pack

Office Remote For Windows Phone 8 Now Available For Download

Windows Phone 8 users can now remotely control Office using their smartphones, thanks to a newly developed and launched app from Microsoft that goes by the name of Office Remote. This new client allows users to navigate

Microsoft Releases Official Statement On Faulty Patch Tuesday Update

As has been the case in the past couple of Patch Tuesday updates released this year, a few faulty and botched updates slipped through quality control at Redmond earlier this week. News first came out yesterday that

Smaller Windows 8.1 Tablets Will Include The Office 2013 Suite For Free

Small is in. After dabbing their hands with tablets sporting (comparatively) larger display sizes, Microsoft along with its partners is shifting focus towards smaller slates. 8-inch or smaller tablets running Windows RT 8.1 are another matter entirely,

Microsoft To Launch 256GB Surface Pro Tablet In Japan, Includes Office 2013

Microsoft has just announced that the Surface Pro will go on sale in Japan on June 7, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the localized version of the tablet comes with a couple of interesting changes. The most evident of

Office Gemini To Come In Windows 8.1, iOS And Android Flavors

Word on the street is (pun always intended) is that Microsoft is currently working on Gemini, a new set of updates for its Office productivity suite. This new version is said to include dedicated builds for Windows

Microsoft Launches New Windows XP Retirement Website

Microsoft sure is quick to launch dedicated websites. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, this one was pretty much essential considering just how many users and businesses are still on Windows XP. If there is

Office 365 Backend to be Redesigned for Office Gemini?