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Microsoft Caught Putting Ads In The Windows 10 Mail App

Well, not exactly caught, per se. But the company did stir up a little controversy in a cup, when folks found ads in the Windows 10 Mail app, which were targeting select users. Users that are have

Office 2019 Launches

Microsoft has officially announced that Office 2019 has exited preview, and the latest version of the world’s most popular suite of productivity applications is now officially available. For both Windows and macOS. This is, obviously, a one-time

Windows 10 Delve App Dropped

Microsoft has confirmed that it is no longer developing the Windows 10 Delve app, and plans to replace it with an improved search experience on the operating system Taskbar. In case you are unware, Delve was an

Clutter Coming To Office 365 By Default Starting June

Clutter is coming to improve your inbox experience in Office 365. Microsoft launched their new tool towards the end of last year in order to streamline the email experience on its platform. This new addition made it

Microsoft Finally Adopts The Open Document Format

Remember all that hoopla between Microsoft and the UK government on adopting the ODF standard for documents last year? Well, it seems like we finally have a resolution of the issue. Read up on that here. Basically,

Mobile Device Management Comes To Office 365

Microsoft have just announced the availability of mobile device management (MDM) in their cloud based Office 365 productivity suite, and this new feature is now available for commercial customers of the service. Built into the suite, these

Microsoft Makes Office For iPad, iPhone And Android Free

What could be surprising yet logically comprehensible at the same time? Well, Microsoft making its Office productivity suite free for mobile users, of course, what else? The software titan has just pulled a startling surprise. In what

Office For Android Tablets Unveiled, Free For Users

No secret that Microsoft was working on Office for Android tablets, a version of its productivity suite custom designed for the world’s most popular mobile platform. But the company has just made it official today. And it

Office 365 Subscribers Now Get Unlimited OneDrive Storage

Bring it on! The only question remains, what took Microsoft so long. The company is now providing Office 365 subscribers with unlimited OneDrive storage space. Previously, this was limited to 1TB. With Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella putting

Office 365 Is Our Most Strategic API, Says Satya Nadella

Nothing new that we’ve not heard before, but it still is good to hear it from the higher ups. Office 365, Microsoft’s CEO says, is their most strategic API. And with good reasons too. Profits are not