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Nadella Explains Why Office For iPad Launched Before The Windows 8 Version

Hurries and scurries! As far as openings of new weeks are concerned, Microsoft CEO had a fairly busy Monday. He attended Code Conference yesterday, where he candidly talked about strategy. And while the company had actually confirmed

Tim Cook Believes Microsoft Should Have Launched Office For iPad Earlier

I am sure there are a whole bunch of people that hold this view too. Microsoft launched Office for iPad last month at a special little event, and since then the app has been a chart-topping success.

Week In Review (Mar 24 – Mar 28)

Close is a relative word, but so is most. And as we move closer to what is pretty much the most anticipated Microsoft event in recent memory, interest on what sort of changes BUILD 2014 will bring

Apple Does Indeed Take Its 30% Cut From Every Microsoft Office Subscription

The usual 30 percent, eh? The ratio by which app revenue is split between developers and distributors seems to be set in store, not only for small one-person creators, but large enterprises too. Anyone and everyone that

Office Mobile For iPhone And Android Completely Free For Home Use

Microsoft Office was left right and center in the picture today for the software titan. In a special press event, the company made official the long rumored Office for iPad. With the arrival of the productivity suite

Here Are The Official Office For iPad FAQs

For some Microsoft has done the unthinkable, while others are wondering what took Microsoft so long. The company was slow to react to the tablet market, but it is quickly making up lost ground. Office for iPad

Office For iPad Officially Announced, Should Be Available Today

While users of the most popular tablet in the world have been able to open and edit Office documents one way or another, none of these third-party apps offered a native experience. Redmond has now jumped into

Microsoft May Introduce Its Enterprise Mobility Suite Tomorrow

Miramar. Although Microsoft is yet to confirm it in any capacity, that is the name (or codename) of Office for iPad. Which, according to most reports, is what the company is ready to unveil at a press

OneNote For Mac Is A Certified Success, Top Free App In The Mac Store

Fully aware that the competition is getting tough, and the time to make big moves is now (or never), Microsoft has recently increased its focus on Apple platforms. And fans of the fruity company are reciprocating this

Microsoft Shares Hit 14-Year High Amid Office For iPad Rumors

One of the more bewildering phenomenon in computing technology was the sheer stagnancy of Microsoft shares well over a decade. But things are now finally looking on the up. Amid reports that Office for iPad is about