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Is Microsoft Mismanaging the Rollout of the Surface and Surface Pro?

Will the Surface Rollout Succeed? The last week has not been kind to Microsoft. Steve Ballmer’s description of “modest” sales of the Surface and the no-show of the Surface Pro has me wondering if the Surface line

Microsoft Surface Goes on Sale Today Online and in Microsoft Retail Stores

Microsoft new competitor to the iPad, the Microsoft Surface, today went on sale at all Microsoft retail, holiday and online stores in the United States and Canada. Running Windows 8 RT, the Surface is intended to showcase

Microsoft Surface Tablet will be available TODAY at 9am Pacific

I just got this email from the Surface account. UPDATE – It’s available for preorder – Click here Surface will be available later today. It begins!

Too funny – Windows 8 for sale on eBay

This is straight out of the too funny to be true but it is category. Copies of a Windows 8 Milestone 3 build appeared on eBay recently. One seller, located in Canada, appears to have offered a