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Microsoft Said To Be Planning A New Broad Marketing Strategy

Things are new in Redmond this year. New faces, new leaders, new determination, and by the looks of it, plenty of new approach. With the bulk of its reorganization almost done, the company is now looking to

Microsoft Is Done With The Stack Ranking System For Employees

In many ways Redmond is going through the most crucial of times. Only the early birth and formation of the company was a more decisive period in the long history of the House of Windows. Not very

Microsoft Brings In $18.53 Billion In Revenue For Q3 2013

Redmond published its earnings report for the third quarter of the year, which actually is its first quarter of the new fiscal year 2014, and it brought in $18.53 billion in revenue. Net income came in at

Windows 8.1 Is The First Product Of One Microsoft

The biggest story of the summer was Microsoft’s companywide initiative of transforming itself into a devices and services firm, something that outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer labeled as One Microsoft. The idea was simple enough — bringing the Redmond