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OneDrive Automatic Folder Protection Now Available

Available to all, that is to say. Microsoft has started rolling out the automation folder protection feature for OneDrive for all users. This was previously a business only option. But since Redmond means business, it has made

Microsoft Unveils New OneDrive Improvements

Microsoft SharePoint Conference North America is in full flow today, and the software titan has made some big announcements. OneDrive got a look at the event as well, and a very good look at that. Redmond detailed

OneDrive Files On-Demand Finally Arrives October 17

We have the confirmation! It has taken nearly two years for Microsoft to add the OneDrive placeholders feature back in its operating system after it was removed in Windows 10. But the company has announced that the

Don’t Uninstall The OneDrive Client On Windows 10 S

Like ever ever! Want to uninstall the OneDrive client on Windows 10 S? Do know that this is a one-way trip. A bit like that Hotel California song, you can check out anytime you like, but you

OneDrive For Windows Phone Updated, Supports Multiple Accounts

If there is one Microsoft app that was due some big updates, it was OneDrive for Windows Phone. Luckily, the company has just rolled one out for the popular cloud storage service. And this refresh brings along

Dropbox Integration Comes To Office For Android

Office users on Android have a new update in store for then. Microsoft has integrated Dropbox in its Office for Android suite of mobile apps, which should enhance productivity for users. This new version now supports both

More OneDrive For Windows Phone UI Improvements Incoming

Few would deny that the OneDrive for Windows Phone app could use more options and features. There always is room for improvements on official clients on mobile devices. Microsoft recently provided this app with a revised user

Office 365 Subscribers Now Get Unlimited OneDrive Storage

Bring it on! The only question remains, what took Microsoft so long. The company is now providing Office 365 subscribers with unlimited OneDrive storage space. Previously, this was limited to 1TB. With Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella putting

OneDrive Now Supports Files Over 10GB, Faster Syncs

The latest round of improvements to Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, brings, what is probably the most requested feature. Support for large file uploads. The company has confirmed that 10GB is now the maximum size users can

OneDrive For Amazon Fire Phone Now Available

Nice to see some hustle. Skype and OneDrive are two Microsoft solutions that get actively updated when it comes to new features and applications. And for good reason too. This, in many ways is a differentiating factor