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Microsoft To Launch New Internet Security Program For Children

The Redmond based technology titan has announced a new Internet safety program aimed to help parents in the United Kingdom protect their children when browsing the web. The UK government, as you might recall, asked for help

Surface RT 32GB Sold Out At Walmart Online Store

If it survives the next few years, Microsoft’s Surface RT will have quite a story to tell. The slate was Redmond’s first real foray into the hardware domain. Seemingly, the technology titan learned more from the tablet

Microsoft Gives Its Online Store A Modern New Redesign

To say that Redmond’s online store is a major part of its retail strategy would be an understatement. The technology titan has used its online store to showcase not just its own solutions, but the most popular

Microsoft Launches Online Tool To Let Others Track Its Patents

Microsoft Surface Pro update – online and Southern California Best Buy

There seems to be some progress with the availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro online. The website has been updated and as you can see in the image above, the 128GB Surface Pro is now available for

Is Microsoft Mismanaging the Rollout of the Surface and Surface Pro?

Will the Surface Rollout Succeed? The last week has not been kind to Microsoft. Steve Ballmer’s description of “modest” sales of the Surface and the no-show of the Surface Pro has me wondering if the Surface line

Microsoft Surface Goes on Sale Today Online and in Microsoft Retail Stores

Microsoft new competitor to the iPad, the Microsoft Surface, today went on sale at all Microsoft retail, holiday and online stores in the United States and Canada. Running Windows 8 RT, the Surface is intended to showcase

Microsoft Surface now available to Chinese residents online

The Windows Store site for Chinese residents debuted today. The store only stocks Microsoft Office and the Microsoft Surface tablet but is a good start for a Chinese web sales presence. The prices on there are as

Windows 8 will introduce new Family Safety feature

Microsoft recently announced a new feature coming to Windows 8 on the Windows 8 Development Blog. This one is called Microsoft Family Safety. The new security features will allow parents to restrict their kids activity on Windows

More feedback from the web about the new Windows 8 Logo

So, more about the new Windows 8 logo ( I know.. I can’t let it go). I got lots of comments on the last post when I said I thought it was ugly so I wanted to