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It Seems That The New Windows Store Redesign Was An Accidental Release

The increasingly popular Windows Store is back to what it was a few days back. Microsoft recently rolled out a brand new revamp, complete with a new design and UI of the browser based version of the

Oops! Windows 8 Was Actually Discounted By Accident

Oh, Microsoft you never cease to amaze. There is rarely a dull moment with the software titan, particularly when it makes some accidental gaffs, or harmless little minor errors. Like this one. A few days ago news

Oops! Some Microsoft Stores Have Even Sold Reserved Surface Pros

Surface Pro tablets launched on a fine Saturday morning (well, at least in most parts of North America), but these sleek slabs of fun quickly ran out of stock at several Microsoft Stores. Many potential buyers were

Oops! Microsoft Actually Released Wrong Storage Figures For Surface Pro

This got me thinking, why can’t incidents like this happen more often? Microsoft recently provided figures for the available free storage space on Surface Pro, and guess what, they were wrong. Dead wrong! Okay I may have

Microsoft Still Has Not Fixed The Surface Wi-Fi Issues

That heart sinking feeling when you get to know something that you did not want to know. Here’s the lowdown. Microsoft’s monthly update cycle known as Patch Tuesday, went live a couple of days back (December 11,

Surface Makes The Most Overpriced Gadget Of All Time List

Not just of current time, folks, all time! All time, they say! While the cheapest model of Microsoft Surface is available for only $499, it still is enough for the tablet to earn it a place in

Windows Store Being Flooded With Low Quality Duplicate Apps

Run for the hills! It’s a real live attack of the clones! Most technology enthusiasts are aware that Microsoft is betting an awful lot on its ecosystem of Windows 8 and tablet devices. A vital part of

No, Mr. James, Surface Is Not Doomed

Buttermilk biscuits! Every once in a while a new story comes along that is so bad, it’s actually good. Something like this popped up when a chap by the name of Geoffrey James over at Inc.com wrote