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91.78% Of Computers Worldwide Are Powered By Windows

Much has been made of the rise of other competing mobile platforms like Android and iOS in the past couple of years. Some even took this as a sign that these new OSes may affect Microsoft’s dominance

How to Install Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine

Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, those who took a wait-and-see attitude when Microsoft released the operating system back in October 2012 may feel it’s time to test the newest version of Windows

Windows 8 Rakes Up 1% Market Share

The latest data from Net Applications reveals that Microsoft’s newest operating system is slowly finding its way onto computers the world over. More and more users are making the jump to Windows 8, giving it a 1.01%

Is Windows 8 Really a Multi-tasking Operating System?

Windows has always been a multi tasking operating system – an operating system where you can do multiple tasks at the same time. But with the coming of Windows 8, I seriously doubt whether Windows will remain

Windows 8 – Should Microsoft Allow Customization To It’s New Tablet OS?

On the mobile front, particularly in the smart phone arena, Android has been very successful for a few key reasons – choice, customization, and competitive pricing. When it comes to the iPad or iPhone your only real

Which Tablet OS Is Right For You?

There is no denying that the “Metro” interface is very different from other mobile/touch-centric UI choices such as Android and iOS. Metro uses live tiles to give us a peak into information early, and seems to have

Windows 8 functionality breathes new life into an old OS

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey. With Apple and Amazon making headlines daily for their tablets, fans of Microsoft products might feel a little bit out of the loop. Microsoft’s latest splash in the headlines

Comparing the Features of Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS 5

After Microsoft’s Build Conference last week, those who were treated to test the newest Windows Operating System found that it can be closely compared to Apple’s grasp on the world of technology – mostly with tablets such

Microsoft Gets a Thumbs-up from all directions

Microsoft has always marched at the beat of its own drum, but now that smartphones and tablets dawn the decline of the PC era, it just has to leverage with the trend. Otherwise, it will continue to

For the love of Pete! When will Windows XP die?!!

I am sick and tired of Windows XP. I have written blog posts about the death of Windows XP and my desire to see that. Seems like no one using XP was listening. By the end of