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Was releasing a fix for Windows XP after retirement a mistake? Some think so

Scientific surveys reveal that the technology community is about as fickle as they get. I’m joking, obviously, but there are times when it seems like only the professional wrestling fandom is fussier when it comes to matters

Another sign that Cortana is coming to Windows 8 very soon

This year is still young, but the most notable Microsoft product in the past few months is Cortana, the digital voice assistant that debuted with Windows Phone 8.1. While there is already a strong case to bring

Analyzing Microsoft’s third fiscal quarter 2014 performance

Microsoft announced the results for the first calendar quarter of 2014 a few days later than expected, and although profits were somewhat down, the rest of the numbers keep the excitement levels up. The company announced the

Microsoft wants to clearly distinguish between PC and tablet users

Convergence. It is not always on. Or recommended. Microsoft might have tried this philosophy on for size a couple of years back, but the company has clearly changed gears now. It would be harsh to call this

Where on earth is the promised redesign of the Windows Store?

With complete understanding of the fact that things like these take time, I ask, where is the Promised Land? I am, obviously, referring to the reported redesign of the Windows Store. News came out earlier this month,

Why exactly are Windows 8 users not upgrading to Windows 8.1?

I’ve got great news, I’ve got good news and I’ve got not so good news. The great news is that Windows 8.1 market share is steadily on the up. The good news is that the Windows 8

Unified pricing scheme results in strange Windows Store price changes

BUILD 2014 is mostly about coding and build applications for the various Microsoft platforms, and true to the nature of the event, the company highlighted a number of important new changes at the event earlier this month

Yes, Windows XP has helped the PC market that has been going down since Windows 7

Analysts love to be right. Most do. With the looming retirement of Window XP on the cards, market watchers readily made a number of predictions, the prime among them being the notion that PC shipments will get

If Windows XP support is being provided to large organizations, why not end users?

The unthinkable has happened. We are now living in the post Windows XP age. It really is the time of the modern variant of the operating system, Windows 8, technically, but the biggest news byte of the

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate BUILD 2014?

So just like that, BUILD 2014 has come and gone. Microsoft share plenty of plans for the present, some insights for the future, and a vision or two for the times ahead. Overall, April 2 and 3