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Large XP User Base May be a Sales Opportunity for Windows 8

Much has been made of the persistently large market share of users and businesses continuing to run Windows XP, despite three newer generations of Windows OSs (Vista, 7 and now 8). This market share is estimated at

Is Microsoft missing out on a 7-inch tablet opportunity?

When Apple first jumped into the tablet scene with its iPad, they were 100%-confident that the 10-inch form factor was the way to go. For a while this proved to be correct, but recently 7-inch tablets have

My take – Finally Apple stumbles with the iPhone 5, Microsoft has a golden opportunity to build an iPhone killer.

Disclaimer: I have an iPhone, I might buy the new iPhone and pretty much love Apple products. OK, so now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what happened today. Apple did EXACTLY what I feared

Harnessing the online community – a strategic opportunity that Microsoft is missing

I have been in technology and marketing for quite a while and (believe it or not) am a big Microsoft fan. I have used Microsoft products for quite a while and believe that the company is strategically