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China Also Developing A Homegrown Smartphone OS

The Chinese odyssey coming to an end? For Microsoft and Google both? The country is ready to develop its own homegrown smartphone OS in order…


Microsoft Planning A New Operating System Chief To Overhaul Windows

Corporate restructurings are a tough and long process. Microsoft may currently be going through a little reorganization of its own, but even this one is…


About Time! – My review of Windows 8.1

I have been taking a deep and long look at Windows 8.1 and wanted to wait till all the initial reviews had happened to write…


Microsoft: Windows XP Is Not A Modern Operating System

Redmond obviously is busy convincing everyone that staying with Windows XP is flirting with danger, particularly after April 8, 2014, the date beyond which the…


Windows Phone 9 is mentioned for the first time – kind of

My buddy at MSFT Kitchen unearthed a Linkedin listing from a Microsoft employee that indirectly mentions Windows 9. You can see the listing below.


How to Install Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine

Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, those who took a wait-and-see attitude when Microsoft released the operating system back in October…


Windows 8 Rakes Up 1% Market Share

The latest data from Net Applications reveals that Microsoft’s newest operating system is slowly finding its way onto computers the world over. More and…


Lawyer Sues Microsoft Over Storage Space on the Surface

When is 32GB not 32GB? A lawyer has sued Microsoft in Los Angeles Superior Court for not providing the advertised amount of storage on its Surface…


Windows 8 Launches as a Re-imagined Windows for all Platforms

Windows 8 represents a revolution, not an evolution in the Windows OS…


Is Windows 8 Really a Multi-tasking Operating System?

Windows has always been a multi tasking operating system – an operating system where you can do multiple tasks at the same time. But with the…