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Outlook.com Suffers Outage, Microsoft Issues An Apology

Outlook.com, Microsoft’s immensely popular webmail platform, has recently suffered a major downtime. The email service remained inaccessible for a number of users across the globe for a few days, starting August 14. But the good news is

Outlook.com Down For Some Users Across The World

With great powers comes great responsibility. And it is hard to deny the power and popularity of Microsoft’s web-based email platform, Outlook.com. Some users across the globe seem to be experiencing issues when trying to access Outlook.com.

Week In Review (Mar 11 – Mar 15)

What a dry and dreary little week for Microsoft. Not much to do with either Windows 8 or Surface, unless you include analyst commentary and failed bug fixes. Other than that one of Microsoft’s datacenter went down

Hotmail And Outlook.com Outage Was Due To Datacenter Overheating

Wow, you don’t really hear this all too often. Hotmail and Outlook.com along with a couple of other Microsoft online services suffered a major outage yesterday. The downtime blocked users around the world from accessing their accounts

Hotmail And Outlook.com Suffer Worldwide Downtime

Microsoft is having a bit of a torrid time when it comes to reliability of its online services this year, it seems. It was only on February 1 this year when the last outage occurred, taking down

Microsoft To Offer Compensation After The Recent Windows Azure Outage

Microsoft’s cloud platform suffered a major outage late last month, with what is said to be an expired SSL certificate. For better or for worse (better, most probably) Redmond nailed the problem in approximately 12 hours. And

Microsoft Apologizes For December Windows Azure Outage

Redmond recently slotted in a (very) detailed apology explaining the Windows Azure Storage disruption that affected its Southern US region customers late December. The outage lasted for two days. The disruption affected 1.8 percent of the company’s