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Microsoft Announces Major Overhaul For Outlook.com

Microsoft have announced an update to the Outlook.com website today, which not only makes the email service a lot more attractive in terms of the UI, but also a bit more useful. Pretty much the best email

Microsoft Wants Your Help In Fighting Email Spam

The software titan has started sending out emails to Outlook.com users, asking for their help in fighting email spam. If you ever wanted to become a spam fighter, now is your chance. Enlist now! Basically, the company

Microsoft Outlook Infographic Shows Just How Limited Gmail Is

Ah, infographics. Easily digestible nuggets of information. A new Microsoft Outlook infographic has been released that paints Gmail in a rather bad light, and shows just how limited the competing service is. Redmond has a history of

Microsoft Enhances Encryption On Outlook.com, OneDrive

User privacy, some say, is a relative factor. Still, the more efforts that are made to ensure user privacy the better. And Microsoft have been at the forefront of this drive, announcing one series of improvements after

Microsoft Revises Policy, Will Take More Steps To Ensure Email Privacy

It recently came to light that Microsoft accessed an email account belonging to a blogger when they found out that he had received source code of company products and other trade secrets. They had to take these

We Do Not Snoop Into Gmail To Investigate Leaks, Says Google

Here is some news that is bound to make even Snoopy chuckle. Microsoft courted a fair bit of controversy when it was revealed recently that the company snooped through a user’s Hotmail account. Sure, it was due

UK Regulator Allows Microsoft To Air Scroogled Radio Ad

For those unaware, Pig Latin is a language game where players alter English language words according to a simple (or not so simple) predefined set of rules. Looks it up. It also recently featured in one of

Microsoft Promises Better Transparency And Limit On Email Searches

Damage control, please. Questions were raised, queries were extended, about the privacy of all Hotmail or Outlook.com users recently, when it emerged that Microsoft accessed the emails of a blogger. A snoop of this unnamed blogger led

Microsoft Found Out About The Windows 8 Content Leak By Going Through Emails

More news about the Windows 8 content leak is floating up. It is perhaps the most interesting story of the day, full of stimulating twists and fascinating turns. Or not. It appears that the French blogger that

Skype For Outlook.com Now Available Worldwide For All Users

And another launch! The latest from Redmond is that the Skype for Outlook.com feature is now available worldwide for all users of the cloud based email platform. This follows the official launch of OneDrive for Business earlier