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Microsoft Announces Major Overhaul For Outlook.com

Microsoft have announced an update to the Outlook.com website today, which not only makes the email service a lot more attractive in terms of the UI, but also a bit more useful. Pretty much the best email

Clutter Coming To Office 365 By Default Starting June

Clutter is coming to improve your inbox experience in Office 365. Microsoft launched their new tool towards the end of last year in order to streamline the email experience on its platform. This new addition made it

Microsoft Outlook App On iOS Quickly Hits The Top Charts

Quite amazing what a little rebranding and a push in the right direction can do for an application. The launch of the Outlook app on the App Store is just another proof of this notion. Microsoft released

Microsoft Releases Outlook Apps For iOS And Android

Microsoft announced their acquisition of Acompli back in December. This was a company that built high quality email apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps were quite popular. Hence the purchase price north of $200

Microsoft Outlook Infographic Shows Just How Limited Gmail Is

Ah, infographics. Easily digestible nuggets of information. A new Microsoft Outlook infographic has been released that paints Gmail in a rather bad light, and shows just how limited the competing service is. Redmond has a history of

Mail And Calendar Apps On Windows 8 May Be Replaced By Outlook

Streamlining is the name of the game these days, and it appears this is fast becoming an important strategy over at Redmond. The One Microsoft philosophy could not have come sooner. When Windows 8 launched it missed

Outlook 2013 RT Preview Arrives For Windows 8.1

As promised, Windows 8.1 Preview brought with it a preview version of Outlook 2013 RT, a version of the popular email client custom designed for Microsoft’s tablet oriented operating system. The app is installed automatically on Windows

Outlook 2013 Officially Confirmed For Surface RT

As far as first generation products go, Surface RT is downright excellent. Sure it has a few rough edges and hiccups every now and then, but on the whole it is a perfectly capable device. And with

32 New International Outlook Domains Rolled Out

The Hotmail retirement is in full swing, as Microsoft continues moving its entire user base to the Outlook.com platform. Redmond expects this process to be completed by the summer. But while all that is underway, the technology

Microsoft Outlook For Windows RT Nearing Release

If there is one Microsoft app that is high on several most wanted lists, it is the Windows RT version of Outlook. Rumors, however, have been raging for a while now that it is in development. But