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Microsoft Will Not Launch A Surface Phone

It’s official, folks. Microsoft has finally confirmed that the highly anticipated Surface Phone will never become a reality, as the company now prefers focusing on entirely new form factors. This has been revealed by Panos Panay himself,

Mystery Surface Device Coming Next Month?

Any bets? It appears that Microsoft still has a few surprises left for the year, as the company is said to be ready to unveil a new Surface device at an event next month. Word is that

Microsoft Stands Behind Surface

The technology giant has put its weight behind the its PC lineup, saying it clear and loud that they stand behind Surface. This, after the nest was shaken real hard yesterday. Basically, Consumer Reports announced that it

Surface Creator Terms The $900 Million Writedown A Valuable Lesson

So this happened. Microsoft unexpectedly announced a new Surface tablet, the Surface 3, earlier today. And this successor to the Surface 2 is set to be available in early May. You can read up on all these

Surface Boss Promises New Tablet Sizes And Form Factors

The second generation Surface tablets will start making their ways onto hands of consumers in a few weeks. Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to start shipping the devices starting October 22. Another thing the company has

Microsoft Will Partner With AT&T And Vodafone For LTE Surface

Redmond made official its second generation Surface and Surface Pro tablets towards the end of last month, but no LTE enabled models were unveiled at that time. Nevertheless, the company was quick to confirm that it is

Microsoft Ready To Kick Off Its Elaborate Surface 2 Marketing Drive

This week was all about the second generation Surface slates, from the usual dose of rumors early on to the unveiling on Monday morning, then some videos, and finally an ad for the tablet. Which, by the

Panos Panay gives the Verge a great interview about the second generation Surfaces

The good folks at The Verge (Tom Warren) got a chance to sit down with Microsoft’s Panos Panay, the man in charge of the company’s Surface efforts, to talk about the new devices and the Surface’s future.

LTE Support Coming To Surface 2 In 2014, Confirms Microsoft

One thing you may have missed during the second generation Surface launch event yesterday would be the support for 3G/LTE connectivity for the impressive Microsoft slates. This was always on the cards — NVIDIA, for some odd

Microsoft Delivers What The Customers Demand, Says Surface Boss

Panos Panay, the head of the Surface division at Microsoft has recently been busy, what with expanding the retail availability of Surface tablets and overseeing the development of a rumored Surface Mini. But the Surface boss recently