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Windows 8 wallpaper May 2011 – Part 2

More Windows 8 wallpaper to brighten up your day.. Part two of a five part series called Windows 8 wallpapers for May 2011

New Windows 8 system restore or history vault screenshots Part 2

This is the “Show or hide the Windows Features” dialog box. Dialog box you can see two major changes: First, the title bar fonts larger, maximize, minimize, close button larger; Second, the title bar title bar moved

New Windows 8 Install Screenshots – Part 2

This is part 2 of the new Windows 8 installation screenshots posts. You can find part 1 here. OK, after putting, your key in, its EULA time (End User License Agreement) Interesting. A more granular set of

New Windows 8 wallpaper from Farhood Kankash part 2

This second batch of Windows 8 wallpapers were sent in by a fifteen year old. His name is Farhood Kankash. His descriptions are beneath each photo…. click to expand… Wallpaper 6: Bing Picture Search Wallpaper 7: Terminal

My Fantasy – A new consumer cloud Operating System from Apple and Dell Part 2 – Requirements of the new Cloud OS

In my last post, I outlined my hypothesis that Apple and Dell are the only two companies today who have the potential to remake the entire concept of consumer operating systems and the entire PC industry. In

Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash Part 2

More Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash Click to enlarge Click to enlarge