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New Windows 8 system restore or history vault screenshots Part 3

It starts to run and do it’s thing.. The prompt for keeping user accounts and personal files… Note, it’s called System Restore here.. It starts the restore process.. More about the restore and I guess that’s how

New Windows 8 Install Screenshots – Part 3

This is the third part of a multi part series of new Windows 8 screenshots Part 1 is here Part 2 is here In the last post, the install had begun Post install screen looks a lot

New Windows 8 wallpaper from Farhood Kankash part 3

This third batch of Windows 8 wallpapers were sent in by a fifteen year old. His name is Farhood Kankash. His descriptions are beneath each photo…. click to expand… Wallpaper 11: Downloading Dialogs Wallpaper 12: Microsoft Windows

Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash Part 3

More Windows 8 Concept Screenshots by Farhood Kankash Click to enlarge Click to enlarge