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Canonical Showcases Juju Support For Windows Azure On Its Website

Judging by how things have been between both companies in the recent past, the official site of Ubuntu is the last place you would expect to see a Windows Azure logo. But stranger things have happened —

Kind of like a big deal – Lenovo is on board with Pokki

Lenovo has officially become the second major PC OEM (after Acer) to join forces with Sweetlabs and their Pokki Suite. SweetLabs announced the deal today and indicated that Lenovo will be preloading a Start Button/Start Menu from SweetLabs

Yahoo! Thinking Of Dumping Microsoft

Remember a small company that goes by the name of Yahoo!? It seems that the long-term relationship between Microsoft and Yahoo! may come to a premature end. Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo!) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO of

Are Intel storm clouds threatening the Windows 8 hardware launch?

It seems Intel’s dark clouds may be hovering over the Windows 8 launch. According to Bloomberg: Microsoft hasn’t yet approved any tablets featuring an Intel processor code-named Clover Trail because the chipmaker hasn’t produced necessary power-management software,

Intel attempt to kiss and make up with Microsoft

Intel felt the need to respond to the scandal and drama of their CEO saying that Windows 8 wasn’t ready. They released the following statement in response to the hubbub. Intel has a long and successful heritage working

Microsoft has fully embraced the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet

Yesterday (Monday), Microsoft teamed up bookselling giant Barnes & Noble in a joint venture. This is squarely aimed at grabbing a bigger share of the rapidly growing market for electronic books. Microsoft will make a $300 million

Nokia shares downgraded to junk status – time for acquisition?

The Fitch Ratings agency has downgraded it’s credit rating on Nokia to junk status and say the outlook remains negative. Shares of Nokia are down at a 15 year low at 2.654 Euros. The statement from Fitch