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HoloLens Gets Two Distribution Partners In Europe

Somewhat surprising that it has taken this long, but Microsoft has picked up two distribution partners in Europe for HoloLens. Econocom and Bechtle are the two companies that Redmond has signed up. This partnership will expand the

Intel And AMD Team Up To Revolutionize Notebooks

Stranger things have happened. Intel and AMD, the two companies few would have thought would have collaborated, are doing just that. The rumors of these two chip giants working together have come true. Basically, Intel has confirmed

Microsoft And Yahoo Extend Search Partnership

Renew it, actually. Microsoft and Yahoo signed their search deal in 2009, which saw the Bing become the search provider for Yahoo services. The partnership has seen ups and downs, though. There was even recent speculation that

Facebook Breaks Up With Bing, No Longer Shows Results

Bing is on the richly deserved position of the second most used online search engine in the United States and Europe with some 20% of the market, behind Google, of course. But Microsoft’s search solution took a

Office Now Also Integrated Into Dropbox On iOS Devices

Microsoft and Dropbox have a pretty neat alliance going. Both companies, though competing with one another in the online cloud storage market, increased collaboration and cooperation. Fans were in for a pleasant surprise not too long ago

Microsoft Pens New Partnership With Real Madrid

Microsoft and Real Madrid CF, the Spanish football (soccer) club have been rather close these few years, and both entities have recently inked a brand new deal. The partnership is said to be worth $30, although we

Microsoft And LG Pen New Internet Of Things Deal

Although Samsung hogs the limelight, but another South Korean company, LG, is also an established technology leader. Microsoft and LG have partnered up on a number of ventures. But there still remains immense potential for both companies

Microsoft Invests In Foursquare To Enhance Location Based Data In Windows And Bing

Windows, Bing, individually, and then Bing on Windows are three of the biggest bets for Microsoft. And the company has made another widely expected move in order to enhance these products and services. The closeness between Foursquare

Microsoft Signs Deal With A New Partner For Skype In China

As reported earlier this month, Microsoft ended its partnership in China with TOM, and has officially appointed a new partner in order to make its VoIP service available to users in the country. Microsoft’s joint venture with

Microsoft To Go In With A New Skype Partner In China Soon

So this happened: TOM, Microsoft’s partner in China, announced that Microsoft would be taking over the Skype business in full very soon. It was also revealed that the popular VoIP platform passed the impressive milestone of 100