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Windows 8.1 Could Introduce A Fingerprint Password Option

Microsoft has already promised that it will share more details on the Windows 8.1 upgrade leading up to the debut of the public preview set for late next month. Since little in particular has been confirmed, we

A Few Password Related Bugs/Annoyances In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I first realized that I was in love with Windows 7 back during the beta. While I enjoyed the improvements to the Vista interface and the overall speed-ups, I think I was most impressed by just how

Microsoft submits patent claim for sketch based password authentication in Windows 8

Microsoft has submitted a patent claim for its Windows 8 sketch-based password authentication feature. The patent, numbered 8,024,775, was originally filed on 20 February, 2008, but was only approved yesterday, giving Microsoft legal protection for its novel

Windows 8 offering Android style password authentication?

If you’ve ever had an Android phone, you are probably familiar with their unique password entry option. Instead of using a conventional password system, the Android login mechanism requires the user to draw a figure through a