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Surface Pro 3 WiFi Fix Released By Microsoft

Word on the grapevine last week was that Microsoft was to preparing a fix for the Surface Pro 3 WiFi issue that has been bugging the tablet owners every time they woke up their slates from sleep.

Microsoft Patches Windows, Internet Explorer Security Flaws

The company rolled out July Patch Tuesday updates late yesterday, and these new fixes address no less than 29 different vulnerabilities in Microsoft software including Windows and Internet Explorer. Two of these updates are rated Critical, three

Critical Windows, Internet Explorer Updates Coming Next Week

Microsoft will roll out this month’s Patch Tuesday updates next week, and the company has put up the advanced notification for July 2014 detailing which products will be getting some action. Windows and Internet Explorer both will

Microsoft Unleashes New Update To Fix Windows 8.1 Installation Issues

Microsoft surprised many by announcing that Windows 8.1 would be made available to download via the Windows Store. The release back in October last year went smooth for the most part, if slow. However, some users experienced

Windows Update Gets Patched Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Update 2 Release

The robust system that is Windows Update very rarely gets a look, but Microsoft have released a new set of improvements for this feature in order to further enhance security for users. That is to say, users

Meet Tavis Ormandy, The Google Engineer That Helps Microsoft With Security

Tavis Ormandy is not a name in computing technology that everyone is familiar with, but everyone is glad to have him around. This is the famous Google engineer that has helped Microsoft patch up several important vulnerabilities.

New Windows 8.1 Update Patch Aims To Resolve Installation Issues

Microsoft made the installation of Windows 8.1 Update a mandatory baseline for users that want to receive future updates, but a substantial amount of them experienced various issues when deploying the first ever refresh of Windows 8.1.

Google Discovers Critical Windows Flaw, Microsoft Onto It

Microsoft and Google do not exactly see eye to eye, but security engineers with the search engine giant regularly help Redmond with product security by reporting flaws and vulnerabilities. This newest one has been discovered by Tavis

Chinese Experts Are Actually Helping Microsoft With Windows Security

Microsoft currently has a Chinese odyssey on its proverbial hands, with the Windows 8 operating system becoming a forbidden product on government computers in the country. Local authorities are actually asking organizations to give up on this

Windows 7 Receives An Unannounced Mandatory Update

Mandatory seems to be the buzzword at the Redmond these days. After making Windows 8.1 Update a compulsory install, the company has launched a new must have patch for an earlier operating system. The most popular operating