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China Publishes Secret List Of Microsoft’s Android Patents

Well, let’s just say the list is not so secret anymore! Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. But the Chinese government is going all out for payback, and has done the unthinkable. The country’s

Foxconn Is Now Microsoft’s Largest Android And Chrome OS Licensee

Foxconn, the world’s largest technology manufacturer has now officially become Microsoft’s number one Android and Chrome OS patent license, after penning a new deal with Redmond. Microsoft owns a large number of crucial patents used in both

Patent Application Shows Nokia Was Working On A Tablet Design In 2011

The mobile phone maker hailing from Finland has found quite some audience with its Lumia lineup of smartphones running various versions of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. So much are Windows Phone7 and 8 users in love with

Microsoft Granted US Patent For Surface Touch Cover

After securing the patent for the design of the Surface tablets, Microsoft has now been issued a patent regarding the Touch Cover for both of its premiere slates, the RT and Pro. The United States Patent and

Microsoft Granted Surface Design Patent

Microsoft has big plans for its Surface lineup of devices. And in a bid to make sure that no other company copies its Surface design the company filed a patent to protect it. The latest on the

Microsoft Files In A Patent For An Antibacterial Touchscreen

Surprising not many technology companies thought of this before, but with touchscreen gaining mainstream acceptance, Redmond has jumped in and started work on a new technology that supposedly keeps harmful bacteria inside. It was only about time,

SurfCast Going After Microsoft for using Live Tiles

Apparently the “live tiles” that we’ve been seeing with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are now sparking a lawsuit. An operating system technology designer by the name of SurfCast claims that Microsoft is infringing on one

Nokia Design Patent Might Give Us a Look at the Future of Lumia Designs

Nokia builds high quality products with reasonably decent software packed in, but it is still fiscally struggling. Marketing might be part of the problem, the CEO could arguably be another part of the issue. Regardless, I like

Pantech And Microsoft Working Towards Android-Patent Agreement

When it comes to the mobile market, Microsoft has yet to really stake a firm claim. Still, at least they are getting a small share of the pie thanks to many successful attempts to seek royalty payments

Microsoft’s New Task-Switching Patent

There has been a lot of drama around Windows as of late. Some out there on the web are claim that Windows is on a downward slide as the PC is a dying beast, others say that