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Surface Future Is PoS

Hey, now, don’t get any funny ideas! PoS, as in a Point of Sale terminal. Surface is one product line that likes to go places, and this time around Microsoft seems to preparing it for a PoS

Ultrafast Charging May Come To Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a mighty fine line of hardware, but Redmond knows it needs to keep improving these devices. Six years on since launch, the company seems to be doing all it can for that. Speaking

Next HoloLens To Double The Field Of View

Or rather, it will come with double the field of view of the premiere model. In other words, the FOV will go from 35° in this generation models to 70° in the second generation. Still a far

Is A New Microsoft Band Coming?

With the wearable marketing growing like it is, and companies like Apple striking gold, it is surprising to see Redmond sit out. Particularly, as Microsoft Band stuck a chord with buyers. Before the Windows powered smart device

Phones With Foldable Displays Are The Future, Says Microsoft

The patents are coming hard and fast, will the device itself, next year? Solid chance that we are getting close to the launch of the Surface Phone within the next few months now. And that’s because we

More Microsoft Patents Hint At A Foldable Surface Phone

Yes, Surface Phone. We don’t know whether Microsoft will actually launch this mythic device, but there is every reason to believe that the company is at least working on it. As the numerous patents filed by Redmond

Edge Could Automatically Switch To Private Mode

If you want. Private browsing is a feature that is becoming more and more accepted by users and is now found in all good web browsers. Edge, it seems, is looking to take things to the next

Microsoft HoloLens Targeted In AR Patent Suite

Head for the hills! Patent tolls running amok! The nascent field of AR is about to become a target of the patent suits planned, and Microsoft HoloLens is one of the first names on the list. Fact

HoloLens 3D Maps Will Be A Reality Soon

The Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset has been in the hands of enterprise customers since last year, and for this reason the software titan has focused most of its efforts on workplace scenarios. Explorer what it calls

Microsoft Glass Reportedly Features Automatic Text Scrolling

When it comes to wearables, Google Glass is sitting comfortably at the top of the mountain. Several other companies may have released smartwatches already, but they are waiting to see how these glasses perform on the market