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Microsoft Sues Windows Phone Partner For Patent Infringement

Kyocera are known for their document solutions, and they are about to receive a document from Microsoft. Redmond has filed a lawsuit against the company…

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Nokia Q4 2014 Results Show A Sharp Increase In Profits

Microsoft had a perfectly fine quarter in mobile, moving 10.5 million Lumia handsets, but guess which company found even bigger success. Nokia recorded a massive…

Lawsuit Samsung

Court Upholds The Microsoft Samsung Lawsuit

Entangled and entwined legal battles! Prepare for what now seems like another such lengthy process, as the Microsoft Samsung lawsuit has been upheld by a…

Samsung Windows Phone Deal

Samsung Believes Nokia Takeover Violated Deal With Microsoft

Samsung has been acting up recently, with the refusal from the South Korean technology giant to pay royalties to Microsoft. And some new information has…

Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Microsoft Wins The Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Remember the Windows 8 Live Tiles lawsuit? Sure you don’t. This fluffy little piece of litigation has been an ongoing process ever since the debut…


Patents Reveal New Fitness Features For Microsoft Smartwatch

Underwhelmed with what the Apple Watch offers? Then maybe you’ll be interested in what Redmond is planning. A Microsoft smartwatch has been in the news…


Microsoft And Samsung Plan To Settle Patent Dispute

Redmond, last month, made a decision to start legal action against the Korean company, but according to the latest reports, both Microsoft and Samsung are…


Developer Accuses Microsoft Of Stealing His Browser Technology

Patents are a necessary evil. Although the dust seems to be settling now, the technology world has had a pretty haphazard time with patent claims…


China Publishes Secret List Of Microsoft’s Android Patents

Well, let’s just say the list is not so secret anymore! Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. But the Chinese government is…


Samsung’s New Tablet Design Looks Similar To ASUS Transformer Pad

Word around the block is that Samsung is now working on foldable tablet devices of some sorts, with planned launch dates of early 2015. And…