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Windows 8 Quote of the day – Paul Thurrott

The first Windows 8 Quote of the day has to go to Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite fame. Here goes: Inside Microsoft, there is a related fixation on whether Windows 8 will succeed and, yes, there is a

Interview with the authors of Windows 8 Secrets – Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera

There have been quite a few Windows 8 related interviews on this site but I have to say this is one I have been looking forward to. I met Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera at the BUILD

Paul Thurrott asks a good question

Renowned tech reporter asks a really good question on his site and I thought I would throw this out to you guys. In the interest of stirring up trouble to no good end, I present a fairly

Quote of the day – Paul Thurrott on Steve Ballmer

Paul Thurrott is a bad, bad man (kidding). He gets the quote of the day today. Is Ballmer still the man for the job? Paul: No, and Ballmer was never the right man for the job, which

Windows 8’s and Microsoft’s Role In The Future Of Computing

Back in January of this year, Steve Ballmer delivered a keynote speech talking about his concept of “Windows Everywhere”.  According to Ballmer, “Whatever device you use, now or in the future, Windows will be there”. Since then

Windows 8 Coming To The Phone?

Windows 8 is shaping up to revolutionize the idea of Windows and bring beyond the desktop and laptop this time around. There has been a lot of buzz about what platforms this will include. We all know

Paul Thurrott demos windows 8 on Windows IT Pro Insider

I found this video online that you guys might be interested in. Paul Thurrott is a veteran Windows 8 tech journalist and analyst and his analysis is usually very good. In this video, Paul Thurrott demonstrates Windows 8

Check out the Windows Weekly video podcast with Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley

Check out the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast where Mary Jo Foley, Tom Merritt, and Paul Thurrott discuss Microsoft’s purchase of Skype and what it means to the various application versions. In addition, they discuss

Windows Weekly Podcast 222 – Thurrott and MJ Foley talk WebOS

It’s a slow Sunday but I thought you guys would like this one. It’s Paul Thurrott’s webcast called Windows Weekly where he and a bunch of friends opine about the events of the week. This week, Leo,

Check out Thurrott’s Windows Weekly Podcast

Check out the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. Leo and Paul Thurrott are joined by special guest Mary Jo Foley and discuss the Windows 8 schedule, Microsoft’s pursuit of Android patent licensees, Facebook and Skype,