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Windows XP PC Sales Decline

PC Sales Go Down, Windows XP Blamed Once Again

The retirement of Windows XP is, once again, the talking point as PC shipments across the globe dropped by significant margins in the first quarter…


Steven Sinofsky Again Defends Windows 8, Says He Is Happy With Sales

It has been a while since we have heard from Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss who decided to part ways with Microsoft soon after…


Analyst: PC Industry Is Partially To Blame For Slow Windows 8 Uptake

Windows 8 and touchscreens in the same sentence has become quite a debated topic. There is little doubt that Microsoft’s latest operating system is built…


IDC Says PC Sales Could Stagnate Again in 2013, Ultrabooks May Help

IDC has published a new report today accusing PC OEMs and other elements of the PC ecosystem of complacency and lack of innovation over the…