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Desktop PC Sales On The Up, Thanks To Windows XP Retirement

If you are been longing to hear some good news, then there is plenty in this new report by market research firm Canalys. And yes, it has got something to do with Windows XP. The fan favorite

Citi Confirms That Demand For New PCs Is Up Due To Windows XP Retirement

Feels great when things go according to plan, right? PC hardware makers knew they were in for a solid one closer to the retirement of Windows XP, and now another report confirms that sales are up. Following

Windows XP Retirement Is Actually Helping Increase PC Sales

Always great when things go according to plan, right? PC makers around the globe have probably stopped sweating right now, as new market data reveals that sales are going up. The biggest reason behind this resurgence? Why,

Has Confusion Over Windows 8 Put Down The PC Industry? One Analyst Thinks So

The path to hell, I am sure, is always paved with good intentions. Microsoft’s latest effort is now referred to as “the new Vista”, at least among company employees internally as recently reported by Paul Thurrott. Externally,

Free Software! 5 FREE licenses available – win a lifetime license of DrivePop for your PC or Mac!

OK, it’s been a while since we gave away free software so this weekend seemed as good a time as any. One of our sponsors (Rob from DrivePop) has graciously decided to offer readers of our site

Games For Windows Live Marketplace To Close Shop On August 22

Gaming remains a very important part of the PC puzzle, and though the main focus of Microsoft has shifted towards its Xbox console, the release of Windows 8 has opened up new possibilities for Redmond on the

Lenovo Reports Higher Laptop Sales, But Reduction In Desktop Numbers

As far as large PC vendors go, Lenovo is the only company that is laughing all the way to the bank. The company has actually grown its business, while its competitors are suffering from declining PC shipments

PC Vendors Planning To Increase Focus On Wearable Computing

Mobile was long hyped up as a bold new frontier for computing. While some companies understood this early and ran away with success others realized this too late into the game and are now on the back

Windows XP Retirement Could Be Great For Enterprise PC Sales

It appears that desktop PCs may get one last hurrah. Windows XP is finally fading away, and with mere months remaining between official retirement of the operating system, Microsoft has amped up efforts to convince users and

New Version Of CCleaner Adds Support For Windows 8.1 Preview, IE 11

CCleaner is one of most popular computer maintenance programs available today, and the application has just received an important new update that along with many other improvements also brings support for Windows 8.1 Preview and Internet Explorer