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Microsoft Publishes Windows 8.1 Hardware Certification Requirements

The recently concluded Worldwide Partner Conference was the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to share deep details about its upcoming products and services, and as expect Windows 8.1 remained the prime focus of the event. Redmond revealed a

Microsoft Launches Skype WiFi App For Windows 8

Redmond has just launched the Metro version of its Skype WiFi application. This Modern UI app offers support for both desktops and tablets that run either Windows 8 or Windows RT. For the uninitiated, the Skype WiFi

Windows 8 Should Not Be Blamed For PC Industry Decline, Says Gartner

Well, it took a fair while, but it seems that sense is finally prevailing. After pinning hopes on Microsoft’s newest operating system, the PC industry rushed to criticize Windows 8. Analysts, market watchers, industry leaders, even hardware

Lenovo Finally Becomes The Undisputed Leader When It Comes To PC Sales

The PC industry may be going through a radical paradigm shift, with faltering sales and declining numbers. But despite all this, analysts and market watchers had a bit of a hard time crowing a king, the undisputed

Notebook Market Records Worst Second Quarter In Over A Decade

My, how times change! It is hard to fathom that a single product has managed to unbalance the notebook market to such an extent that some are saying there is no coming back from. Yes, tablets. These

Users Complain Of Battery Draining Quickly On Windows 8.1 Preview

Owing to undoubtedly the widest array of supported devices, the public preview build of the under development Windows 8.1 comes with a fair amount of bugs and nagging issues. The upcoming operating system is capable of running

Microsoft Wants To See 101 Worldwide Stores To Sell Windows 8.1 Products

It is no secret that Redmond is continuously looking at ways to open new Microsoft Stores not just across the length and breadth of the United States, but also at important overseas locations. The expansion of its

Microsoft Hopes To See Windows XP Market Share Drop To Less Than 10%

It is remarkable to think that with Windows 7 and Windows 8 out in the wild, and Windows 8.1 set for arrival, the ancient old Windows XP still stirs up a debate every now and then. The

Microsoft Ready To Launch Surface Pro Pilot Program In The UK

The first generation Surface tablets have been quite an opportunity for Microsoft to not just outline its hardware ambitions and aspirations of becoming a devices and services company, but also to streamline its retail channels. The company

Windows 8 Has Logged 60 Billion Hours Of Usage, Says Microsoft

The best thing about to two Microsoft events this close is that the company can afford to split up the official details and statistics in between. This is what is happening right now. While Redmond talked in