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Microsoft All Set To Retire The Reader App

Some things are just to be expected. The retirement of the Reader app that Microsoft created for users of Windows 8, and brought along for the ride in Windows 10 as well. But with the Edge web

Microsoft Publishes New Windows 8.1 Power User Guide For Business

Publishing is not a new field for Microsoft. In the past, the software titan has crafted some really amazing books and user guides for its software and hardware products. Physical, paper books, I mean. But for some

Microsoft Rolls Out The Windows 8.1 Quick Guide For Business

If there is one thing Microsoft has really nailed with Windows 8.1, it is the area of help and support. And no surprises here, when you consider that this is one part of the core Windows 8

PDF Reading Support Comes To Microsoft’s Word Web App

Online applications are a bold new frontier for Microsoft, and the company continues to regularly add new features to its online applications. Its popular Word Web App now offers users the ability to easily view PDF documents.

Download This Free Product Guide For Windows 8.1 Preview

The lack of dedicated help tutorial with Windows 8 confused a fair bit of users early on when the operating system hit store shelves last year. Some third party apps filled in the void, but ultimately this

Microsoft Releases A New Windows 8 User Guide

Windows 8 arrived on the store shelves last year with some sweeping changes to the user interface. While most of the underlying technology stayed the same, the frontend got a major makeover. And needless to say while

Windows Phone 8 PDF Reader Receives A Solid Upgrade

The initial release of Microsoft’s built-in PDF Reader app for Windows 8 received poor reception and scathing feedback from users. So much so that most of the reviews hovered between the one and two star range. Quite

App Watch: Adobe Reader Touch

When it comes to reading PDF files, most people fancy sticking with official software from Adobe. This holds true on Windows 8 too, as is evident from the amount of times this app has been downloaded. While

Viewing PDFs in Windows 8

Portable Document Format (PDF) is arguably one of the most popular formats to represent documents, independent of software, hardware and OS. Each PDF document is self-contained; it contains the complete description of how to display itself, font,

Office 2013 will allow you to open and edit PDF’s directly in Word

This is pretty cool. Liveside.Net are reporting that Office 2013 will let you open and edit PDF’s in place. Their Quote: Edit PDF content in Word With Word 2013, you can convert a PDF document into a