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New Microsoft Surface Ad Highlights The Pen And Office

Office, the productivity suite, thank you very much. Microsoft have posted a new Surface ad to the official YouTube channel of the tablet, putting into spotlight two key features of the new slate. This commercial is, obviously,

You’ll Soon Be Able To Adjust Surface Pro 3 Pen Sensitivity Levels

Artists and designers that have been using Microsoft’s newest tablet have long requested the ability to adjust Surface Pro 3 pen sensitivity levels. And it seems that their prayers have been answered. Now, this may not be

First Surface Pro Bug Unearthed

Who would have thought the stylus pen bundled with Surface Pro would be the one making most of the news, this side of supply issues. But while Microsoft is still struggling to fulfill demand, a few buyers

Microsoft: We Are Working On Software Updates For Surface Pro Pen

The stylus pen delivered with Surface Pro is perhaps the most important accessory for Microsoft’s newest tablet. And while it does a lot of things right, it falters when it comes to supporting pressure sensitivity in a