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Windows 10 People App Picks Up A Big Update

Microsoft has just pushed out a new version of the People app for Windows 10, one that adds in new functionality and touches up the user interface as well to the social program. Or a contacts application,

Check Out Microsoft’s New Website Where Employees Describe Their Life In Redmond

One thing Microsoft has been doing real well these past few years is getting close to users. Whether it is about getting in touch with end consumers via blogs, or by videos, Redmond is up for the

Windows 8 updates start to trickle in

Last week, Microsoft announced that they would be making last minute updates to some of the apps that came with Windows 8. It seems that the app refresh has begun. Users are beginning to see updates to

New Windows 8 RTM Screenshots – Mail, Messaging and People Apps

Some new screenshots from Neowin showing screenshots (allegedly) from Windows 8 RTm. These show the Mail, People and Messaging Apps.

Windows 8 Tip: Pinning people to the start screen

Windows 8 is natively connected to the cloud. It is connected to the services that you mostly use such as Facebook, Twitter. Microsoft has also provided a People app which gives you option to connect to your favorite services. You