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Should Brand Loyality Matter That Much?

Whether we are talking about video game systems, computer platforms, televisions, or really any electronic device at all, one thing remains: brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is also harshly known by many around the Internet as fanboyism. My

Does Windows 8 Fit In The Tablet Market? Yes, It Certainly Does.

I’ve been told by several users that I might be a little harsh in how I feel that Windows 8 is unfolding for the desktop. I am mixed about how well it will be received and whether

Do Consumers Really Care About Tablet Operating Systems?

So far, this week has been a tough one for Microsoft’s Windows 8 team. Forrester released their report that fewer consumers want a Windows 8 tablet when one does finally come out. A lot fewer consumers actually.

Does Microsoft move too slowly to ever really be a hearts and minds favorite?

I’ve been putting together a comprehensive video review of the BUILD conference that I will roll out in the next few days. It will talk about the behind the scenes stuff at BUILD and then talk about