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What Performance Points Will 7-Inch Windows Blue Tablets Target?

The newest focus over at Redmond is the development of tablets sporting a smaller form factor at a more affordable price point. All recent signs point to 7 or 8 inch slates sporting the Microsoft logo. But

Windows Phone 7.8 Does Not Bring Any Noticeable Performance Improvements

Windows 8 Is Twice As Fast As Windows XP On A Seven Year Old Laptop

Need proof? We’ve got a video below. Anyway, call it better optimization, finer coding, or improved compatibility and synchronization with hardware. Of course, you can also say that Microsoft woke up and decided that operating systems out

Windows 8 Dream Machine

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will play nice with legacy hardware and even works better on older machines than Vista and 7. I have previously tested this theory with a Pentium 3 machine that was able to

How Does Windows 8 Boot Faster?

So we all know that Windows 8 will boot a lot faster than previous versions of Windows. It will boot in about ten seconds (That’s compared to what could be anywhere from forty-five seconds to five minutes

Windows Video – optimizing performance in the cloud with BranchCache

Another Microsoft video. Microsoft introduced BranchCache in Windows 7. BranchCache speeds up HTTP and SMB communication without requiring app changes or new infrastructure in the office or the data center. This in turn can improve the performance of

Does Windows 8 Really Run Better on Low Performance Hardware?

Microsoft has been making many claims that Windows 8 has lower system requirements than Windows 7. It has a faster booting time, uses less memory, it takes up less space on your hard drive/solid state drive, and

Memory Management with Windows 8

Windows 8 – The Memory Savior People thought Windows 7 was efficient for memory consumption but guess what? Microsoft has unveiled in the latest news that Windows 8 will surpass all its predecessors in terms of memory

New Windows 8 performance improvements

It’s never a certain bet to put faith in a beta version of any software, let alone a Windows operating system. The pre-release of windows 8 already shows promising results and many have faith in its potential

Microsoft’s Cloud Services Are Faster Than Google’s and Amazon’s

Compuware recently concluded a year-long cloud service providers test between the three biggest current competitiors: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Microsoft was the fastest for the entire duration of the test. Microsoft’s Azure loaded in just 6.07 second